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Process Improvement and Designed Experiments

Practical Strategies for Process Improvement

For over 20 years, faculty at the Intitute for Statistical Engineering have been teaching statistical thinking for process improvement to industry engineers and managers.  Case studies based on this work were incorporated into the book, The Power of Statistical Thinking.   

The Institute for Statistical Engineering offers customized workshops on statistical thinking for process improvement.  Although workshops are customized to meet an organization's educational needs and to reflect the types of processes used by the organization, you can view a recent outline of a customized workshop

Are you a past participant the from PSPI course?

We would like to hear from you about how you have been using what you learned in the PSPI course.  Please send us an e-mail

Design of Experiments

The institute's interest in the design of experiments has been in the practical application of designed experiments for improving industrial processes.  In addition to offering customized workshops (see a recent outline of a one week DOE workshop) our programs in the use of designed experiments have formed a major component of six sigma training for industrial clients.  Read an article that describes our Six Sigma/Black Belt training with Capsugel. 

Customized Workshops in Process Improvement or Design of Experiments

If you are interested in a workshop in process improvement or design of experiments for your organization, e-mail us at


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